The new Ma.Pic s.a.s. in Piacenza in via Toscana 28/30, in the heart of the most important industrial area of Piacenza.

After 6 years of activity carried out at the operational headquarters in Rivergaro (PC), Ma.Pic s.a.s. moved to the Piacenza plant – 29122, in via Toscana 28/30. The new site, much larger than the previous one, is equipped with everything needed to fully satisfy the needs of overhauling, building and testing woodworking machinery. The extreme proximity to the Piacenza motorway exit makes it easy to reach Ma.Pic s.a.s., now located in the heart of the most important industrial area of Piacenza.

Ma.Pic, the Woodworking Partner


Ma.Pic s.a.s., founded in 2016, specializes in overhaul, construction and assistance of wood-working machinery, leveraging on extensive experience in Italy and abroad.

Collaborating with specialized contributors for the mechanical, electric and software aspects, Ma.Pics.a.s. studies the optimal tailored solutions for each customer, especially for special processing.

Used Machines and Groups Overhaul

Complete renovation of used machines and groups represents the main activity of Ma.Pics.a.s.

We offer complete disassembly, with full or partial painting and substitution of all worn or damaged components, as well as revision or substitution of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

Thanks to the network of specialized suppliers, Ma.Pics.a.s. designs and installs on-board soundproof chambers or safety tunnels and, once revision is completed, releases the related certifications as foreseen by the European regulations.

Overhaul example of a used machine.

Click one of the images below to see the complete revision cycle of a used machine.

Spare Parts & Assistance

Ma.Pics.a.s., located in the area of birth of the woodworking machinery industry, deals with all spare parts of the main brands for automated double-end tenoners, such as:

  • Rexilon guides
  • Chains tracks
  • Rubber belts for pressure beams
  • Rubber pads for chains tracks
  • Engines
  • Screws for operating units
  • Transmission gears

Ma.Pics.a.s. offers timely and competent assistance in Italy and abroad.
Thanks to our specialized instrumentation, we offer assistance for automated double-end tenoners, profiling machines, edge banding machines and special processing machines in general, providing mechanical, electronical and software know-how.


Answering to the needs of small and medium realities, Ma.Pics.a.s. studies and develops tailored solutions for building standard and special machines and applications, responding to the specific requirements of each customer.


Ma.Pic S.a.s.  is located in Piacenza, two minutes from the Piacenza Sud motorway exit.

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Ma.Pic s.a.s. di Picchioni Matteo & C.

Registered Office:
str. vic. Montebello 14, 29029 Rivergaro

Operational Headquarters:
via Toscana 28/30, 29122 Piacenza 


Phone: +39 0523 1558381

Mobile: +39 333 6329425

E-mail: info@mapic-sas.it

VAT and TaxNumber: 01727020339

REA PC: 186602